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Five Special Cake Designs and Their Meaning


The delight of cake is just enough to make an ordinary day a memorable event. It is the tasty surprise that makes the occasion even more special and delightful. Cake is mandatory to cheer for every special of a person’s life. Whether it birthday, wedding, anniversary, farewell, reunion, Valentine or any other such occasion with the need of cakes, the things will always emerge to its best when a delight of creamy and fluffy cake is added to it.

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There is certainly no doubt in this fact that cake is the requirement of every special occasion. It is the fantasy of cakes only that makes a person enjoy the celebration from its beginning. But, have you ever wondered the hidden meaning behind the shape and sizes of cakes. Cake means yumminess, no not at all. There is something very interesting hidden in the meaning of cakes that you must know and explore. We are telling you five special cake designs along with the meaning signified by their sizes.

Heart Shape Cake: Cake is the most expressive thing that travels from the cake table directly to the heart. If you are really excited to convey your love feelings to someone very special in your life, then heart shape cake will denote the same. The shape of heart in a cake depicts pure and divine love.

Square Cakes: If you want to convey something very honestly to someone, then the cake size that will justify your need is square cakes. Square cake is the symbolic representation of honesty.

Round Cakes: Round size cake depicts the cyclic nature of life. Everything that we observe moves in a cyclic path. Cutting a round shape cake in an occasion depicts that you are celebrating for a regular event that will repeat itself again. This is a reason why most of the cakes are round shaped.

Customized Cakes: Cakes are the word of expression for many. It is believed that customized cakes are the symbolic representation of our feelings. Whatever we feel is perfectly depicted through a customized cake.

Photo Cakes:  Photo cakes are meant to capture the golden memories of life. The imprinted photo on the cake is the remembrance of sweet memories and one special reason to make the host feel privileged. 

These are the five very common cake types along with their meanings. So, next time when you ought to pick a cake for someone very special in your life, don’t forget to tally the meaning of the same. To add convenience in sending cake at a long distance to your loved ones you can take the services from online cake companies and celebrate the occasion with a tasty and creamy cake delight.


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